So it read

“Omar Mohammed 1991-2008”

and then my eyes watered

Earlier, I revisited the place where he fell, I made my peace, and made a promise to him.

The arid desolate land absorbed the bouncing sun rays, heat is the most common thing in this ex war zone. Not many of us around here, and I can’t say I don’t know why. Every now and then a truck passes, but now I feel like I am in eternal loneliness. They took my only friend,   Omar.

The variety of emotions that englufed me revolved around one thing. Those cold hearted bastards that killed Omar! I swore on that day, and on that day began the hunt for the monsters.

Vengeance, vengance is the one and only thing that I want. I won’t be satisfied if I don’t get it, but I will get it, I’m certain of it. Don’t worry I came prepared for my mission, an Ak-47 to destroy those metallic bastards. There was no specific way to find an airborne drone but I  know that those greedy Americans will send drones in no time whatsoever. What continues to perplex me is how people can control those monsters and attack innocent people, people like Omar. I’ll never forget that heinous crime until I feel that I have accomplished justice, that may take a while but for Omar I’ll do whatever it takes.

Never in my life have I used such a weapon, this ‘thing’ that I have in my hands right now has the power to take away lives. Just like that. No going back. It is so disheartening to know that a guns reprucussion can result in a lifetime of pain when it only takes half a second for a bullet to penetrate.

Just pull the trigger and pretend the bullets are your emotions, let it all out. My mum perished.Dad missing.I had Omar but .Everyone who gets close to me DIES. The will for me to live is minute, there is nothing for me to live for. No family. No friends. One goal. Vengeance.

The night before, I’m out looking too see if there is any pattern in the drone sightings, anything that will help me on my conquest. None showed, I’m going now , my shelter isn’t very far from here, in fact I can see it from here. The plan is simple, go sleep, dream about victory, then the very next day achieve it.

I wake with emotions overwhelming me . But I can’t let my emotions derail me from my true mission. I leave my shelter, maybe for the last time, I might come back, I don’t think this is a world I want to live in anymore as I said. No family. No friends. One goal. Vengeance

My thoughts are scurrying around in my head, I’m apprehensive, terrified and sad. I most likely will cause distress to the civilians nearby, but anything for Omar, the brother I never had.

The gun on my side and the wait begins. The whirring noise approaches me from somewhere. Without haste the gun is pulled out, and the chase is on. I go up the hill to get an advantage, the noise is getting louder at a rapid rate. There it is, the machinery that erased Omar’s life. My ammunition went quicker than my clear thinking did. All of my shots missed. But theirs didn’t. I join Omar, looks like a happy ending after all.






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  1. Excellent description of the location here Muhsin and I really like your choice of opening. Carry on in the same fashion and I’m sure you will achieve your badge for this piece of work. Remember the minimum word count is 500.


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