January 13, 2017


Glance into a food bank over the festive season and the idea of hope seems to be far away. Sorrow, yes. Embarrassment, definitely. Or injustice that is so common in our ‘fair’ country. After speaking to the people at the food bank it helped me realise that these people suffering are like you and me. Many people seem to think that poverty is an idea, when it’s a reality that people are facing daily.

If poverty isn’t a problem in the U.K., then why are millions suffering from ‘not being able to make ends meet’?

Over 2 million UK citizens are estimated to be malnourished. This shocking stat outlines a major problem. UK Citizens struggle to earn a living which supports their dietary needs, let alone their family needs. Steve, a former high salary earning man was involved in a fatal collision. Leaving him to survive on benefits, doctors deemed him as ‘not fit for work’. Steve a former high salary earning man was involved in a fatal collision. Leaving him to survive on benefits, doctors deemed him ‘fit for work’. Steve wasn’t able to attend attend his job seekers meeting and as a result got his benefits cut. ” Now I have to go to the food bank every three days for supplies.” Steve isn’t alone though, almost half a million people went to Trussel Trust between April-September 2016. How are people meant to afford stable housing when they can’t afford food?

The homeless are shadowed by the amazing skyscrapers, the beautiful sights and the rich people who flaunt their possessions. The government are ignorant towards the homeless, as if they don’t matter or exist. Some reside in dark alleyways through no choice of their own, but for the sheer fact that the lack of light helps them to sleep. Many people   find hostels to sleep in, but a 30 percent increase in rough sleepers from 2015 (3569) continues to shock the few that care.

Child poverty, is a form of poverty which you are forced into. Over 1/4 of U.K. children live in poverty and 64 percent of those children have a parent that works. This is crazy; how are people working yet they still are finding it hard to give their kids a good childhood. A woman that I spoke to said that “I feel exploited I work my hardest every day, more than others do and yet I go home not being able to buy my child whatever he wants.

To conclude, all of these issues that England faces disprove the statement. At least 3500 people are homeless, a quarter of UK children are living in poor conditions and finally over half a million people attended food banks in the space of 6 months! This is outrageous as these unfortunate people are continued to be neglected and forgotten. If as a society we want to progress we need to address this humanitarian crisis.

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