April 25, 2016


April 9th 1987 was the DAY. DOOMSDAY.

So there I was standing in front of what looked like a haunted house that you would see out of a movie or a fictional story. Always stirring amongst my mind was the question, what is  inside? Inside I was daring my self to do the unthinkable but then if ever was the time to be smart. I was sort of investigating the house from a good distance. But then I noticed  a glimmering light exploding out of the windows and into my eyes.

To an abrupt halt I came to an astounding realisation, I was no longer on Grove lane nearby the house, I was in the HOUSE. Then a sudden emergence of trepidation engulfed me , the surroundings of the seemingly abandoned house overcame me. I needed to get into hidden place so I could be safe or at least feel safe. I said to my self “remember the movies its all fake”, no matter how many times I recited this verse I was still ever fearful. No description would be fit enough for the sweat that inhabited my face, if it wasn’t for the darkness you could see the red gushing from my frightened face. Even now I cannot explain why I did this but I shot to the door like a rifle bullet. But my eyes were blinded by a bright red paint which was scattered across the wall, quickly I pieced the words together and it read ‘YOUR DOOMSDAY HAS ARRIVED’.

To this day I can not forget that feeling that I experienced after reading that, its like wanting to throw up but because you want to be quiet because your afraid your body refuses to do so. But I had enough, I screamed out to my lungs capacity and then some, id like to think it was a roar but I was at breaking point so it wouldn’t surprise me. An immensely loud noise approached me from the upper stairs, and when I looked to the stairs there was nothing there. I turned around and it was pitch black, the red paint had disappeared but it seemed like I was no longer in the same room due to the atmospheric change. The air felt heavy and my breathing became erratic, and then I felt a heavy draft of wind coming my way and that was when I felt the hot breath stalking my neck. I scurried to somewhere in the room and my senses picked up the same creepy sensation followed my unfortunate self. This nightmare of a situation was reaching its climax when the dark figure appeared in front of my pupils.

It looked like a shadow but there wasn’t anything else for it to shadow, and then it said “YOUR DOOMSDAY HAS ARRIVED” I asked it what does that mean and I didn’t get a reply but instead I got a sinister laugh to scare me even more. As the thing approached me he said “Its Midnight.”


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  1. The beginning does grab the readers attention as it is really interesting which is a main factor of attracting people to a book. There is one main character in the book but it doesn’t describe him a lot. There is a very important key moment in the book and I think the author does well to describe this moment. All in all the ending as well as the whole book gets you thinking helps you create an image in your mind which I think is important because it lets you think about the book for a considerably long time after you finish the book.


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