July 15, 2016

Its a hardship. To go through with this.This barbaric inhumane sport. People gather to spectate death. Maybe the evolution of the human race has far exceeded the level of sanity. The thunderous weather replicated the horrendous turn of events that were about to occur, the introduction to my first. My first battle, this ones for my life. I heard there are 23 others in my position. Being transferred to Dubai and fight for my life wasn’t exactly how i planned my summer holidays.

Apparently the journey will be 18 hours, that’s a lot of time to contemplate the forthcoming events. In my plane there were three other combatants, all apart from one were quivering in their boots. We were sharing our stories and how we got here. The thing is we all came to a conclusion that the fact that we were forced into this none of us really want to be here. Also that since are families got money for this ‘inconvenience’ that sort of makes us mercenaries considering what we are being sent to do. There was a competitive atmosphere roaming around, but that’s only natural I mean after all in a week we are gonna be pitched up against each other in a bloodbath.

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